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How Robosize will effect your business


Increased conversion rates

You’ll see increased conversion rates when your customers use Robosize. Why? Because they’ll buy with confidence knowing that what they buy will actually fit. No more hesitation, just satisfied and happy customers.

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Decrease wrong size return rates

Your customers will now see what the perfect size looks like on their unique body shape! They no longer need to buy multiple sizes or guessing on a size hoping that it fits!

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Decrease cart abandonment rates due to size hesitancy

Robosize provides confidence that your customers will get the right size the first time eliminating any hesitancy in their purchasing journey.

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Grow consumer confidence with your brand

First time shoppers have so many sizing questions. With Robosize, we take the guess work and hesitation out of the equation, paving the way for a great experience and great reviews for you!

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Increase repurchase rates

When your customers receive their purchase and it actually fits, they’ll gladly come back and buy more! Satisfied customers are the best customers!

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Validated Results

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Your online analytics tell a story. The Robosize results you’ll experience include (but not limited to) an increase in conversion rates, a decrease in cart abandonment and size related returns. It’s not magic... it’s our Robosize technology!

Let Robosize help get you started
Robosize can help any sized business
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Our Robosize sizing solution takes less than 10 minutes to integrate on any website platform, and we’ll be there to help you every step along the way.
Whether your business is large or small, new to online sales or seasoned over the years, Robosize will provide a custom program specifically for you aimed at growing all the Robosize metrics.
Robosize can help any sized business
Let Robosize help get you started
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Robosize’s sizing solution can be custom tailored to any size business
Robosize’s business solution can size be custom sizing tailored to any