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Shopify Conversion Rate: 8 Tips

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Brick and mortar stores or online shops, conversion is the key word for every shopkeeper. Obviously, you have opened a store to convince passers-by and random mall wanderers to spend more time in your store and do some shopping.

So, the conversion rate is the number of visitors you have successfully turned into paying customers. Keeping this simple definition in mind will help you achieve your desired target rate.

From user experience to return policies, strategies implemented in the process, and everything you’ve learned about running an online store leads to this critical conjunction: how many visitors have decided to buy something instead of just watching your collections and following the other interesting links?

Why Should You Optimize Your Conversion Rate

The mere existence of an online apparel shop is the clearest explanation on the importance of conversion rate: why are you here in the first place? Obviously, to sell.

Everything you do in this regard, knowing the ideal customers, their expectations, and innovative approaches you take to get close to their preferences, is optimizing the conversion rate. So, you should be concerned with your conversion rate because:

  • Optimizing conversion rate will boost SEO ranking
  • It can help business owners to reduce the costs of advertising and make new customers
  • It will give you a significant edge over the competitors

It is worth mentioning that conversion rate optimization is not something you do once and leave it there forever to reap the benefits. It will work out only if you devote a long-term commitment to the job.

conversion rate optimization

How to Optimize Conversion Rate

There are three sections that you need to focus on to improve your record in this parameter:

  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Checkout page

These pages are three main stations in every visitor’s journey on your website. You want to be an excellent memorable host to guarantee the convenience of your guests in each one of these stations. All your efforts, investments and worries are aligned with the requirements of these pages.

There are some technical terms and formulas to do so, but always remember that your sole purpose should be making the customer’s journey a delightful, quick one with a reasonable price.

Focusing on these sections, this article tries to help you get an introductory knowledge and some tips to tweak your Shopify conversion rate and widen the community of your loyal customers. If you want to read more about optimizing your business’s conversion rate, take a look at this article.

Make Yourself Visible: Search Engine Optimization

Although ecommerce is not something new anymore, conventional brick-and-mortar stores are way older than ecommerce, and we are all familiar with some techniques and strategies in its traditional approach.

Comparing brick-and-mortar stores and online shops can help you get a better understanding of improving the conversion rate.

You leave your mark wherever you go; you pay for giant billboards, you present your products in every related event, and you try to be seen in the first line in every target community to introduce yourself.


This is exactly what you need to do but on an online platform. Improving your SEO, having an updated blog with related helpful content, getting more likes, positive reviews and being cited by others are the steps of the ladder to go up and be seen more and more.

You Have Only 0.05 seconds to Win the Game

It may not sound very comforting, but studies have shown that a website has just 50 milliseconds to impress a visitor. So, use this little gap of chance as best as possible, and make the first impression a decisive one.

All you do, your website’s design, color palette, CTA, special offers, exclusive apps and tools are there to help you through these critical milliseconds.

  • Make the site load as quickly as possible.

One of the ever-increasing numbers in ecommerce is the percentage of cell phones used in online shopping. According to Google, the patience of 53% of visitors is not more than three seconds for the mobile version of a website to load.

Removing unused apps, compressing the images, and eliminating any unnecessary features and functions can help the website to load faster.

Remember: Measure your online store’s performance at least once a week to make sure that everything is in order and to find the weak spots to be taken care of.

  • Engage the visitors from the beginning.

Landing on a certain page other than the homepage can be the follow-up of searching for a product. But there is a chance that the visitors have found their way via other channels and have entered directly into your homepage. This is where you can make the connection and build the relationship.

Your homepage is the best place for the first touch to impress visitors suitably. Presenting a call to action or any interesting, engaging suggestion can convince them to stay a little longer and go through your collections to finally get hooked on an item or more.

robosize website

Fit Advisor

Fit advisor helps your customers find the right size with a few clicks; so they can buy with confidence.

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Track Your Business’s Conversion Rate

You‘ve had 100 visitors and successfully convinced 30 of them to purchase a product. This is your conversion rate: 30%. But this is the dream number of every online shop. The average conversion rate of Shopify is around 2.5 to 3%, and the fashion industry has scored 1.61% to 1.92 average conversion rate in 2022

How are you going to push the boundaries to reach higher? Whatever you do, Having reliable statistics is what you need to evaluate your current condition and plan for the future.

There are a number of apps and tools you can utilize to have substantial knowledge about your conversion rate.

Conversion Rate

If you prefer to use a built-in tool to assess the situation, you may want to try Shopify’s “Reports,” placed in the dashboard. But if you wish to test some third-party tracking apps, Google Analytics tracking code and Google ads conversion tag are among the best alternatives.

Gathering demographics is a part of tracking the progress. If you have actionable information, you can detect the best matches for your products to put them in the buying position.

Let’s say that you use google analytics to track the needed data. Google Analytics will be your assistant in categorizing the visitors by age and gender to equip your minor and major campaigns with more relevant and personalized CTAs, offers, etc.

Present Your Product in its Best Look

Before entering the website or getting engaged in the choosing process, probably the only thing every customer sees of your product is its image. It means that you have to work to attract people’s attention even before having them on your own website.

High-quality, compressed images from every needed angle is your product’s first sight and everyone is ready to fall in love at first sight. So, making it a lovely one is both romantic and economic.

Find the Weak Spots, Heal the Wounds

You do your best to optimize all pages, but it seems that there is still something wrong, and you are not happy with the overall conversion rate of your business. So, you need to test and retest all the processes: landing page, product pages, and checkout page.

Conversion Rate

An analytic tool will guide you in finding the pages with the minimum efficiency. These are the pages with frequent drop-offs that you need to tend to.

Help With Typos

It’s not unusual to mistype words, and feeling an AI’s hand correcting the wrong typed words is even more usual. You might say that there are not many words in the apparel business, and strange words in this field are rare, and you are perfectly right. But typos happen, and facing a negative or “No result” message is not exactly heartwarming.

Help your potential future loyal customers reach what they’re looking for, even in typing. Paying enough attention to small details works miracles in leaving a memorable first impression.

It All Comes Down to User experience

We have discussed the user experience in more detail here, and we can call the user experience, being the general feeling of a visitor about a product or service, a touchstone to evaluate the efficiency of all your efforts.

Offering a cost-effective, efficient solution for the most frequent obstacles is both your duty and your chance to improve the quality of UX, and conversion rate, consequently.

Every field of business has its tricks and novelties to make the customers feel more comfortable and happy.

Apps and Tools: Virtual Fitting Room

As an online apparel store, one of the tools to help you convince the visitor that you’re serious about your business is to provide the means of wearing items remotely. Virtual sizing and fitting rooms are well-tested and well-tried tools to offer more convenience to customers.

Robosize, among the best of its kind, puts forward an easy-to-use and reliable app trusted by some major brands such as TALL FEMME, Park Friends, Konko, SHAY ONLINE, VOX, etc.

robosize website

Virtual Fitting Room

The right size, The first time
Finding the perfect fit with a few clicks. boosts sales and cuts returns

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You have been found, and your link on the search result page has been clicked, but nothing more; the user has left your website without buying or even going through your products and offers. Why?

Tracking every step in three stages, landing page, product pages, and checkout page, will give you some ideas about the reason for being abandoned by the visitor. Having a clear picture of your shortcomings will help to focus and solve the problem.

Remembering this motto may be your guiding light along the way:Make it easy, fast, beautiful, and reasonable.

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