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Hombakazi Step Towards Business Success With Robosize

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Hombakazi Vintage Cabin (HVC) is a colorful brand revitalizing nostalgic fashion. It’s a retailer maneuvering towards modern style and innovation. Founded in Port Elizabeth, Easter Cape, South Africa, HVC gets inspiration from authentic vintage trends. Motivated to stay elegant, beautiful, and classic in their fashion trends. HVC is also trying to appeal to its younger generations and the global demand by incorporating smart technologies. 

Hombakazi Reasons For The Virtual Fitting Rooms

Hombakazi Vintage Cabin provides elegant, classic, and beautiful fashion statements in the form of apparel like bottoms, dresses, two-piece sets, shirts, tops, skirts, and outerwear. Moreover, they have a selection of accessories, like belts, bags, and shoes (coming soon) on their list of products. However, they have two restrictions that have derived them towards a solution. 

  1. As an e-commerce ladies’ fashion brand with a high assortment of clothing styles, finding the right size took a lot of work for buyers.
  2. Since the sizes are small, medium, large, and x-large, many buyers need help understanding where their precise size falls in the proportions. 
  3. Hombakazi has a strict returns policy of seven short days, which is hard for international buyers. 
  4. Finally, if an article of clothing is worn, it would not be returnable. 

Thus, the team at Hombakazi Vintage Cabin utilized a virtual fitting room technology to solve the above issues. By partnering with Robosize, HVC could reduce size errors, increase reassured purchases, and boost online sales through conversion rates. This way, they would have upped their profits while enhancing customer satisfaction from every sale. 

Hombakazi’s Partnership With Robosize And The Boosted Performance 

Hombakazi Vintage Cabin (HVC) Online Conversion Rates, since Robosize, has had a significant boost. They have chosen only to have Robosize’s size recommendation features on their website. But as a new addition to their platform, they have had:

  1. Three times more purchasers by users who operated Robosize as their size recommendation tool. 
  2. 20 percent more website conversion rates by customers 
  3. While having 14 percent Robosize tool acquisition rates. 

Hombakazi is expected to have more promising results as its customers become familiar with the software. Since Robosize’s Sizing Recommendations have had profitable output for HVC, Robosize will likely boost profits, sales, and buyers for Hombakazi Vintage Cabin once it becomes a model choice for its’ buyers when making purchases. 

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