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Konko Active Building Sustainable Shopping Experiences Virtual Fitting Rooms

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Konko Active, a brand from Chile, sells sustainable sportswear and activewear for men and women with a global environment in mind.

With usage of material that is certified under the Global Recycled Standard, Konko Active is a brand that cares for sustainability in every aspect.

Konko Active And Sustainability 

This mindfulness for more sustainable way of life is a value at Konko Active. They recover PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic bottles, containers, food and beverage packages to produce comfortable, stylish, and sustainable clothing for training and sports wear. 

Technically Konko Active Wear brand is 100% committed to only sustainable, comfortable, quality, and stylish wear with sustainable materials with the least carbon footprint. For Instance only between 2020 to 2022 they had recovered over 40,000 bottle from landfills and oceans to re-use them in other ways. 

A Partnership With Robosize Based On the Sustainability Value

It was due to Konko Active’s commitment to their sustainability value that they formed a partnership with Robosize. They were determined to use the mission at Robosize to create a sustainable, inclusive, and fun shopping experience in their own advantage to create a more eco-friendly world. 

The choice to go with Robosize was enhanced considering they were selling active-wear and because of its form-fitting features. They wanted to help their customers have better shopping experiences through the precise size and style recommendations they would receive from Robosize. 

Robosize Sustainably Boosting Konko Actives Business Performance

The successful Chilan Konko Active has been striving towards eco-friendly practices and joining Robosize was another motivation towards the same mission.

By joining the Robosize Platform they could not only enhance their sustainability features but target global customers, people of all different sizes, and increase sales and customer conversion rates from online purchases.

This is blatantly obvious in the reports gathered since the start of their partnership with Robosize: 

  1. At Konko Active consumers who utilized Robosize were eight times more likely to finalize their purchase. 
  2. Also, their online conversion rate was 30%. 
  3. Meanwhile, every customers Average Order Value enhanced by 8%. 
  4. However, with Konko Active which targets eco-friendly choices their tool acquisition in using Robosize was also a lot more with 23%. 

Konko Active’s customers have shown the greatest approval in using Robosize virtual fitting room. This aligned with their value for sustainability which is similar to Robosize’s value.

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