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How Vesper 247 Boosted Their Sales Using Robosize Virtual Fitting Rooms

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Vesper 247 is an internationally known British Female Fashion Brand. That has strived to be fashion-forward, innovative, and passionate when they cater to its customers. They supply all sorts of female wear, from workwear to evening gowns for every size and form.

Famous for being elegant, chic, and sophisticated, Vesper 247 Collections uses figure sculpting designs with lux, super-stretch fabrics to flatter the person’s form to the most precise size. 

As a fashion retailer with timeless collections, Vesper 247 has loyal customers worldwide. Vesper247 has blossomed but with all its successes it still wants to improve particularly after Covid-19 that many retailers are striving to enhance their businesses.

Vesper 247 Collections Reasons Behind Partnering With Robosize

Vesper 247 Collections just like any other fashion retailer post Pandemic has strived to enhance shopping experiences for their global customers.

1. Form-fitting Clothes

Vesper 247 provides a variety of styles, colors, and sizes of form-fitting clothes, to a global community of buyers. Since Vesper247 is an e-commerce business based in the UK buyers must make their purchases online. 

However, because their clothes are form-fitting, consumers are finding it hard to make a choice regarding their size. This puts them off from finalizing the purchase.

2. Hygiene Concerns

Because of the Pandemic, customers are reluctant to make purchases due to hygiene reasons and finding the right size on the first pick is ever more important. So, most Gen Z buyers and hygiene-concern shoppers are looking for easier purchasing solutions, like size recommendations and styling tips. 

3. Conversion Rate

Meanwhile, retailers like Vesper 247 wish to enhance online conversion rates through solutions that resolve buyers size uncertainties. Henceforward Vesper247 has drawn to the conclusion to partner with brands like Robosize who offer innovative solutions to better shopping experiences and smarter choices for shoppers and retailers. 

4. Returns Due to Size

Since Vesper 247 provides a variety of styles, colours, and sizes of form-fitting clothes,  they face many returns due to size.

Robosize and Our Virtual Fitting Room Solution for Vesper 247 Collections

Through Robosize’s Virtual Fitting Room Solution, with precise size recommendations and style fittings using body scans, we could provide Vesper 247 Retail Collection several impressive advantages. Using Robosize Virtual Changing Rooms, we:

  1. Enhanced Vesper’s conversion sale rate to four times its sales norm.
  2. Their Store Conversion Increased by 20%.
  3. The Average Order Value for each purchase is enhanced by 5%.
  4. All while their Tool Acquisition Rate was at 15%.

Technically, Robosize AR Try-on Rooms provided Vesper 247 customers with the confidence they required to make a sure purchase while improving Vesper’s sales and business performance.

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