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Silvertraq And New Possibilities Using Robosize Virtual Fitting Rooms

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Silvertraq has designed and manufactured activewear for more than 20 years, from India to all users globally. By producing high-performance activewear that satisfies both technology and trends, they are an Indian homegrown brand with global reach.

Silvertraq’s Restrictions  And A Partnership Necessary

Silvertraq has ensured to meet the worldwide demand for sportswear by sourcing products from India. From Mumbai, India, marketing, product evaluations, fabric development, operations, and shipments are conducted. Nonetheless, several challenges and constraints have prompted Silvertraq to seek a partnership with Robosize.

Firstly, the size charts that Silvertraq uses is mostly based around Asia’s sizing. But with customers around the globe from UK, America, and Australia, finding a solution that provided precise sizing solution became mandatory for the owners of silvertraq. 

Secondly, since Silvertraq sells form-fitting activewear and everyone’s body shape is different, there is a high chance that customers may require to return the product due to sizing. However, at Silvertraq because actiwear may loose their form once worn, there is a “no returns policy”. This has caused buyer to feel reluctant about making purchases.

Customers are uncertain about their sizes and the “no return rule” on Silvertraq has lowered conversion rates on their platform and in turn reduced sales and profits. 

Henceforward, Silvertraq partnered with Robosize as a necessary partnership for a sizing recommendation solution, to more confident purchases, increased sales, and profits. 

Robosize Virtual Fitting Rooms Benefit Silvertraq

Robosize’s size recommendation capabilities help customers find their exact size. By answering questions about weight, height, and age.

After selecting a physique and shape, a customer provides their own selfies and body scans which Robosize utilizes to determine the customers exact clothing size for Silvertraq, while also providing an overview image of how the style will look like on them in real life. 

Silvertraq Using Robosize Virtual Dressing Room

Silvertraq picked Robosize because our Virtual Fitting Room Software makes size and style recommendations with the same precision. Silvertraq clients may now select their ideal sportswear using Robosize’s Virtual Sizing and Try-on rooms without converting the size chart to their native country sizes.

Silvertraq has significantly improved since partnering with Robosize. The Silvertraq-Robosize conversion rates confirm these assertions.

Robosize Improved Silvertraq’s Business Performance

Silvertraq’s partnership with Robosize has dramatically boosted the company’s business performance:

  1. With Robosize, Silvertraq had boosted their sales to four times their original rate without Robosize software.
  2. Meanwhile, their Store conversion increase was 55%, which is more than half of its previous purchases and a dramatic increase in sales.
  3. Silvertraq’s Average Order Value (AOV) from each consumer also increased by 5%.
  4. This is while their tool acquisition rate was at only 11%.

Silvertraq and A Future With Robosize

Robosize virtual fitting rooms are new to Silvertraq’s fashion e-commerce website. However, as demonstrated above, consumer shopping behaviour and corporate profitability have already changed dramatically.

Nevertheless, Silvertraq’s return policies are more complicated due to hygiene concerns. Thus, the above rates will rise if Robosize tool usage increases.

With the surge in Robosize usage on the website, their corporate performance still has potential for improvement, which we are pleased to help with.

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