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The Best Size Recommendation Tool for Your Fashion E-commerce

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These days, there is a greater desire in the general business sense to establish online eCommerce enterprises more than any other time in recent memory. With many of these businesses being centered around clothing retail, the issue of establishing proper size charts with the help of a size recommendation tool becomes important.

There is a general tendency in beginner clothing eCommerce founders to mix up several online sizing tool options. This tends to be a huge mistake, resulting in sizing charts and catalogs that cannot provide expertise in any one area, and instead offer mediocrity across many.

So in this article, we will introduce to you an all-in-one size recommendation tool that will take your sizing charts and presentation to the next level. Once introduced, we will also cover the 7 main reasons it outclasses all other competition, before covering a special offer!


Robosize: the All-in-One Sizing Tool

Originally founded with the simple mission of providing high-performing, simple solutions for retailers and customers of the fashion industry, Robosize has since transcended its original goal, becoming the leading service provider in the size recommendation tool industry.

Powered by principles of innovation, inclusion and empowerment, Robosize aspires to include all sizes and manners of clothing as part of its online sizing tool.

Throughout the years, Robosize has received recognition and several prestigious awards, commemorating its successful output in the creation of an all-in-one, inclusive, and empowering virtual fitting room.

But why exactly is Robosize a step above in performance, even when compared to other size recommendation tool options?

Best By Test: 7 Reasons Robosize Outclasses other Size Recommendation Tools

What are the performance measurements and output levels that make us confidently state Robosize as the leading tool of its own sphere?

Stay with us as we cover the top 7 reasons why Robosize classes other size recommendation tools.

1. Advanced Website Integration

Probably the leading reason for Robosize’s popularity and widespread use in the online fashion retail industry is its inherent compatibility and ability to be integrated without any coding and in a few short steps.

If you are using third-party hosting for your eCommerce, the integration of Robosize is the simple matter of configuring via a few simple clicks within Javascript.


However, if you are using reputable eCommerce options like Shopify, the integration of our app is instantly performed automatically. Complicated integration is one of the reasons many people turn away from using online sizing tool options.

Not with Robosize. No coding, no hassle, and straight to the point.

2. State of the Art Customizable Size Charts

Size charts can be an absolute headache for beginners and even veteran eCommerce fashion retailers to get right. Afterall, each size chart is made to cater to a specific catalog with specific designs and items.

Robosize has used innovative methods to make sure that the sizing recommendations come directly from the user’s own comprehensive input. This is in contrast to other size recommendation tools that use generic 3D models for every customer.

Your sizing recommendation is made tailored for you, based on your own inputs and visual information (selfies). All of your pictures and input are also kept privately and securely.

3. Inventory Innovation

Every retailer in every field knows that managing an inventory is one of the most challenging aspects of running a retail business. Every year there are more and more technological advancements when it comes to inventories.

Robosize’s advanced and innovative inventory ensures the utilization of accurate, precise, and  human-based sizing recommendations, while maintaining a steady effort to keep all the integrated technologies and methodologies up to date with industry standards.

With Robosize’s innovative inventory, you will never be out of options for niche and obscure sizes, while never running out of the most popular market sizing options either, striking a healthy balance in your retail inventory based on sizing enhancements!

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4. Sharp Increase in Partnered Conversions

Throughout the years Robosize has partnered with many reputable brands, which we will cover in its own right. The consistent factor in all of these partnerships has been the steady increase in our partner’s conversions, by virtue of Robosize’s improvements.

To exemplify, let’s take into account our partnership with the four grade A brands of Vesper24, Silvertraq, Konko, and Hombakazi. In each of these partnerships we managed to increase their conversion of Robosize utilization on the customer part by at least 3X and by 8X on the high side.

This was not all the conversion increases, as we also managed to improve their store conversion by a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 55%.

Want to learn more on how Robosize takes partnered businesses to the next level? Check out our case studies!

5. AOV Boom

Average order value is another crucial statistic that can make or break an online eCommerce fashion retailing effort. AOV determines the average dollar size that constitutes an order when customers place it.


The higher this number is, the more attractive your store is, as it has managed to get larger orders out of its customers and visitors. Even a small percentage increase in this stat means a lot, since each order now has a much higher value and therefore the overall profit is significantly higher.

Robosize has managed to increase the AOV of every major partner it has worked with. 11% has been the bare minimum, whereas we also have had cases of AOV increase by a staggering 23%.

6. Awards and Recognition

Stats and improved partnered businesses are not all that we have to show when it comes to showcasing Robosize’s primacy among its rival size recommendation tool options.

The constant effort and aspiration to provide high-quality, easily integrated online sizing tool solutions has also resulted in receiving multiple international, prestigious awards.

These awards and accolades are of course not a technical reason showcasing Robosize’s capability. Still, they serve as a marking point in our past, commemorating successes and establishing Robosize as a reputable option.

In 2019, Robosize managed to win the LVMH innovation award. In 2021, it was acknowledged for its retail technologies innovations by the Gartner Hype Cycle.

Other accolades include the award for the “best in-store technology” at the Digiday tech awards and winning the RTI innovation award for the retailer/technology supplier relationship category.

7. Partnerships

As alluded to several times throughout this article, Robosize has had its fair share of fruitful partnerships with credible and reputable eCommerce fashion brands.


Throughout the years, the like of Konko, Silvertraq, Luya, GNP, Vox, Visamoda, Veri Peri, Triplo, 6AM Workshirts, Tall Femme, Grunbert, and Park Friends have worked extensively with our brand to desirable results.

Again, these partnerships do not technically or statistically reflect our performance, however they do reflect the trust placed on Robosize by big brands. A trust that has obviously not gone unanswered, with the years of sustained cooperation serving as a statement to that fact.

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All seven of these aforementioned reasons on why Robosize outperforms its rivals when it comes to using an online sizing tool can also be applied to your own eCommerce effort. Of course, we do not expect you to take these at face value and make a blind choice. This is why you can also access your own free demo, comprehensively covering Robosize’s competitive advantages in action. Get your own demo now and go for greatness with Robosize!

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